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Switch Rods

I believe we have the largest inventory of Switch rods. They are a big part of our two-handed business. For us they are merely shorter, Ultra-Lite Spey rods.
Switch rods are designed to be used to cast in both single and and two handed fashion. While this can be done it is much easier to focus on casting these rods with a specific line either single handed or two handed. In the Pacific Northwest, most consider Switch rods to be just short Spey rods.
Switch rods vary in length from around 10' to 11'9" in line sizes from 4 to 9. For two handed or Spey style casting many of these rods favor shorter Skagit and shorter Scandi style heads. While they can throw various traditional Spey lines, it requires a lot more timing and effort making these casts difficult for beginners. Many of today's short Skagit and short Scandi lines can be dialed in to fit these Switch rods making casting simple and fun.
YouTube video on Switch rod uses by Deneki Outdoors and Sage's George Cook:
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